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Please fill out the following form with your opinions on the status of Clearwater. 

Do you agree that Clearwater fire and police need our full support and keeping Clearwater safe should be a high priority?
Do you want traffic calming in your neighborhood?
Do you think traffic is a serious issue in Clearwater?
Did you agree with the Clearwater City Council’s decision to make a new $90 million City Hall a budget priority?
Are you concerned about City of Clearwater government spending and efficiency?
Do you support redevelopment of the Philadelphia Phillies Spring Training Stadium (BayCare Ball Park)?
Do you enjoy recreation and activities on Clearwater Beach?
Is it important to have a mayor who can work with our Leaders on the County Commission, State Legislature, and U.S. Congress for the betterment of Clearwater?
Are Clearwater taxes too high, too low or just right?
Do you think having good schools and quality education is important to the future of Clearwater?

Thanks for submitting!

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